About Ordinal Group

Kent Johnson, Co-Founder

Kent Johnson is an expert in product management for technically advanced products which are early in the product lifecycle.  His experience in setting strategy for products in an evolving marketplace requires a disciplined and repeatable process for evaluating customers, markets, and technology.  This discipline is especially suited to supporting an agile development process, where the product owner’s role functions best when backed by a well-considered product strategy.

Mr. Johnson also has experience developing products and solutions that leverage the technologies for data collection, storage and analytics.  He has helped many companies establish a cohesive strategy and technology plan for data in this fast-growing field.

Mr. Johnson has nearly 20 years of professional experience in Enterprise-sized companies, medium businesses, and startups.

Elizabeth Johnson, Co-Founder

Elizabeth Johnson is an expert in human performance management and has worked to improve the performance for companies across a broad spectrum of work environments. Her experience at creating effective learning and development curriculum in technical and complex environments coupled with her organizational development and change management expertise makes her well suited to help companies navigate complex issues which impact personnel performance.

Mrs. Johnson has served as both internal and external consultant to large and medium sized businesses that put a premium on organizational and individual performance.  She is able to use her expertise to establish an appropriate goal state, a strategy for performance improvement, and if necessary create training curriculum to address any knowledge, skills, or abilities gaps.

Mrs. Johnson has 20 years of experience in human performance management and received her MS in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Kansas State University.